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David Pedersen

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David Pedersen

David Pedersen, AVP

Ag Loan Officer

Location: Jefferson

Division: Lending

Phone: (515) 386-4848

About David

David Pedersen, who works in the Jefferson office, has spent an impressive 36 years in the agriculture industry, including 6 years in banking. His area of expertise is agriculture lending, and his devotion to his clients’ success is his defining professional characteristic. An expert when it comes to guiding people toward their goals, he is a renowned expert in his field and a dedicated banker.

David is a deeply faithful man and a die-hard Iowa State fan. Outside of the office, he enjoys following sports and spending time with his wife of 36 years, their 4 grown children, and their 2 grandchildren.

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"Dave has been in the business for a long time and is an expert in his trade.  Expect professional and transparent service when you work with Dave Pedersen."

Proud Customer