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Overdraft Protection Services

Overdraft Protection Services

The money in your checking account is fluid - everyday it fluctuates as money comes in and goes out. Occasionally, you may lose track of your checking account balance and spend more than you have on hand. In those instances, overdraft protection services offer a security net for your checking account to protect you from possible merchant fees for 'bounced' checks and credit damage. Peoples Bank offers two overdraft protection services: Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus.

How it works

You don't have enough money in your checking account to process a payment.

Peoples Bank makes the payment so it clears, dropping your account into the negative.

You could potentially avoid a merchant fee but will be charged an overdraft fee.

Courtesy Pay

  • Applies to check payments, automatic bill payments (including recurring debit card transactions) and online transactions using your checking account number.
  • Does not automatically include ATM and everyday debit card transactions. To add ATM withdrawals and debit cards, activate Courtesty Pay Plus.
  • Courtesy Pay is not guaranteed and is not a line of credit.
  • You will be charged an overdraft and/or NSF fee each time the bank pays or returns an overdraft item. Your account may be assessed multiple overdraft charges, please ask for the fee schedule. Fees are subject to change and you will receive advance notice of any fee increase.

  • If you overdraw your account, you must return the account to a positive balance within 33 days, or Courtesy Pay will be suspended.
  • Courtesy Pay participation is not mandatory. You may decline at any time by notifying one of our branches.

Courtesy Pay Plus

  • Applies to check payments, automatic bill payments, online transactions using your checking account number, and ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions.
  • You must “opt-in” to receive this service
To activate Courtesy Pay Plus, call 1-800-891-9389 or stop by a branch today.
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