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Local Merchant Discounts

A powerful way to promote your local business, powered by BaZing

Are you a fan of free advertising for your local business? If you answered yes, then our Local Merchant Discount Network is for you! The discount network provides local businesses the opportunity to advertise special discount offers in their community powered by BaZing. So what's BaZing? BaZing is an online membership program with discounts from local, regional and national merchants. 

Free to participate.

Customers using BaZing are members of participating banks or credit unions that allow them access to local discount offers through a free BaZing mobile app. Your business is advertised as a part of the network for free in exchange for the discount you provide. 

A simple way to redeem.

Customers use the free “BaZing” mobile app to access discounts based on their locations.  At the point of sale, they simply show you a mobile coupon to receive the discount.  Or, customer can print a current coupon directly from

Control your offers anywhere, anytime.

Simply log in to your online BaZing merchant account to add new discounts or edit your existing offers.  This gives you the power to make the best offers for your business.

Create your own offers, or you can choose from these sample discounts:


Half price appetizer or entree
Free order of fries and/or drink with purchase of any sandwich

$10 off purchase of $50 or more

10% off cash and carry purchases

Entertainment and Recreation
$2 off or 20-50% off admission price, ticket, food item, etc.

Beauty and Spa
15-50% off all products and/or services

Health and Fitness
3 free personal training sessions when you sign a one year membership agreement

 15% off any service (cleaning, repair, rental, etc.)

10-50% off any service

Ready to Get Started?

To sign up online for free as a participating merchant, complete for our online short form, or visit and click “Join BaZing Merchant Network.” Want to get access to BaZing and see how it work firsthand? Visit

Complete Form  Download BaZing Flyer

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