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Useful Links

Financial and Community Links

OnGuard Online - Learn how to avoid online scams, protect your kids online, secure your computer & best practice while using the internet.

Verified by Visa enrollment - Added security for all your online Visa debit card purchases.

Mainstreet Checks - order your checks direct. - obtain your annual credit report

Teach Children to Save - information and useful tools to teach children to save

Previous Peoples Bank Credit Card Portal (for cards opened before 2/15/2021) - access your previous Peoples Bank credit card statement and pay your bill online here.

New Peoples Bank Credit Card Portal (for cards opened after 2/15/2021) - access your Peoples Bank credit card statement and pay your bill online here.

Credit Card Rewards  - obtain your credit card point balance or redeem your rewards

Savings Bonds:
Home page - Order your electronic savings bonds
Calculator page - Calculate the value of your paper savings bond(s)

NADA vehicle pricing guide

US Mint

FDIC - more information regarding the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Trade Commission - get the lowdown from the FTC

Social Security Administration - see what your retirement has in store for you

Sound Money

First Gov for Consumers - the central Web spot for U.S. consumers

Federal Reserve:
Home page
Select interest rates

Electronic Check

IRS - get specific tax information from the Internal Revenue Service

Professional Solutions - merchant card processing resources

LPL - the Peoples Financial Center brokerage, LPL Financial Services

SBA - great resources from the Small Business Administration

Grower's Edge- Market texts and other Ag related information

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - education site that teaches children about money

Student Debt- get detailed information on understanding your student debt