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Peoples Insurance Services


There's a lot you can do to increase your financial success - from saving more to choosing the right mortgage for your budget. In life, though, it is important to also plan for unforeseen circumstances. A smart financial plan will mitigate risk by investing in insurance to cover unexpected financial hardships. For customers looking for a financial safety net, Peoples Bank has the professionals - and a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products - to help secure the personalized coverage that you need.

Life Insurance & Long-Term Disability

Protecting your income - your biggest asset - helps to ensure that your loved ones continue to be provided for if an unexpected event occurs. Our financial consultants, Mark Millsap and Brett Millsap, are a father-son advisory team at Peoples Financial Center that provide life insurance and long-term disability insurance. Just as Peoples Bank is a family-owned company, Brett and Mark's family-centric values are reflected in their care and dedication to maximizing a client’s legacy for many generations to come. Contact Mark or Brett today to work with an expert advisor who will take the time to consider all of the what-ifs and develop a personalized policy that fits your needs.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

Shopping for insurance to cover your property or business? Looking to save more on your insurance than you are already paying? Peoples Insurance Services provides coverage that comes in all sizes and includes Auto, Vehicle, Home, Condo, Renters, Mobile Home and Business insurance. With over 40 carriers who work with us, we have the tools to find the right coverage for your needs at competitive prices, so that you can enjoy real savings. Start your quote online today and a licensed agent will provide feedback - typically in just one hour - so you can secure the peace of mind that insurance protection provides.

"I had been with my insurance carrier for decades, and was quite pleased with my coverages.  When my homeowners, personal liability umbrella, and automobile policies came up for renewal, I wanted to compare prices with what my bank had available.  I was amazed at the savings as well as the ease of switching to Peoples Insurance Services.  Quite simple, convenient, and enjoyable working with a knowledge insurance professional. The savings in cost were significant. I recommend everyone compare and consider switching."    
- Peoples Bank Customer

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Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Ever consider how your credit debts or loan payments will be covered if an unfortunate event occurs? A strong credit rating can be worth thousands of dollars in saved interest payments; unfortunately, missing payments can be a financial set-back. To mitigate this risk, borrower's can invest in debt-protection through credit life or credit disability insurance which is designed to pay off or reduce loan payments in the event of a borrower's death or disability. Visit a Peoples Bank branch location today and work with one of our certified lenders to gain the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

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Consumer Loans

Our loan decisions are made locally and quickly so you can get the funding you need with a repayment plan that works for you.  

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Peoples Financial Center

When it comes to your money and your family, you want to know you are financially protected. Our father-son financial advisory team can help.

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 Savings Accounts

Whatever your savings goal is, Peoples Bank offers savings accounts to fit your need at any point in your life.

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