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Father-son financial advisory team assists Peoples Bank clients


Posted On: May 30, 2019 by Peoples Bank in: Community

(Left: Mark Millsap, Right: Brett Millsap)    The father-son team of Mark and Brett Millsap places a high value on client relationships. As Financial Advisers, they care about giving people strong financial guidance and helping them reach wealth goals. The story of this professional relationship between father and son starts with Mark, the father. Mark grew up in the northwest part of Des Moines and graduated from Des Moines Hoover High School. He started his career in financial services in 1981 after graduating from Iowa State University. Throughout his career, Mark’s client-first focus garnered him success and trips all over the globe. Brett was lucky enough to attend some of these trips, and by the time he was 11, he knew he wanted to join the financial services industry with his dad. “I get to help people and travel the world while doing it?” Brett recalls of his thinking at the time. “Where do I sign up?” Brett eventually

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