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Be Aware of Banking Fraud Trends and How to Protect Yourself

Be Aware of Banking Fraud Trends and How to Protect Yourself

Posted On: September 21, 2021 by Peoples Bank in: Cyber Security, Financial Education, Security

Over the years, the schemes attackers employ to commit bank fraud have morphed and shifted, from the common occurrence of forgery to credit and debit card skimmers to cyber crime in the modern day. But one aspect of bank fraud hasn’t changed: It can leave devastating effects on a person, their family and their financial plans. Bank fraud and cyber crime are broad terms, but they encompass the use of fraudulent means - offline and online - to obtain money, assets, personal information or any other types of property from a person through a financial institution. More often these days, bank fraud occurs through online and mobile banking accounts. Peoples Bank wants to ensure that all of its customers are aware of the biggest types of fraud to help you prevent attacks before they happen. We talked to Jennifer Liebsch, Peoples Bank AVP, Compliance, ISO, Risk and Safe Act Officer, on some of the bank fraud trends and how you can protect yourself. Card

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