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Peoples Bank employees give back through Peoples Helping People program

Peoples Bank employees give back through Peoples Helping People program

One of our flagship community programs, Peoples Helping People, encourages employees from our nine branches to volunteer and give back to their communities through a quarterly log and various recognition initiatives.

In 2019 alone (through May 20), Peoples Bank employees have logged 922.15 volunteer hours in total. The Scranton branch has collected the most hours, donating 215.80 hours of time to the community. Jefferson is a close second at 218.25 hours, and Ogden is third with 205.5 hours.

Here’s how the program works: Employees register each hour they participate in a community involvement event, like volunteering or giving back — all without a monetary gain — in a branch-specific log, completed each quarter.

Each branch then receives a certificate at the end of the year with the total amount of hours logged. The location can then display the certificate for customers and employees to see and enjoy. Peoples Bank volunteers are encouraged to post photos on Peoples Bank’s social media pages, so we can show the world the great work our employees put into the community.

The Peoples Helping People program is just one of many initiatives in place to encourage community involvement. The Giant Piggy Bank, a program that allows students to manage and save their money, has been rolled out in various county school districts around west-central Iowa. Each branch is also intricately involved in their community in unique ways, like Grand Junction’s Tanner Lawton, who volunteered at the Greene County School District to teach students about the business and practical sides of farming.  

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