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Volunteering at RAGBRAI 2018

Volunteering at RAGBRAI 2018

Peoples Bank staff members in the Scranton, Jefferson, Grand Junction and Ogden branches will be volunteering throughout their communities when RAGBRAI riders come through each town on July 23 and 24.

In Scranton, Grand Junction and Ogden, the Peoples Bank teams will staff charging stations, handing out waters and fruit to riders out of the Peoples Bank trailer.

The Jefferson branch will close at 11 a.m. on July 23 to allow staff members to volunteer for the day’s activities. Much of the staff will be participating through their own volunteer organizations, but Peoples Bank is also a sponsor of the information booths around town, so the Peoples team will be there too. The welcome booths provide maps and information about various locations, events and lodging throughout the city.

As one of eight overnight stops on the route, Jefferson will serve a large number of riders on July 23 and 24. It’s the fourth time Jefferson has served as a RAGBRAI overnight stop and the first time in 10 years. 

The 2018 RAGBRAI route will first bring riders through the town of Scranton before making their way to Jefferson on July 23. After leaving Jefferson on the morning of July 24, riders will pass through Grand Junction and Ogden toward the next overnight stop in Ames.

Peoples Bank’s Scranton location will be closed all day on July 23; Grand Junction and Ogden locations will be closed all day on the July 24 for continued RAGBRAI volunteer efforts.    

“To showcase what small-town Iowa is gives us a very unique opportunity,” said Nikki Uebel, Branch Manager in Jefferson and a member of the community’s RAGBRAI executive planning committee. “This is an excellent chance for riders to see our community and businesses. We are all really excited about it as a bank and as a community.”

Peoples Bank believes its role is to serve as a community bank. The team takes pride in its involvement in local organizations and events.

“We are thrilled to have bikers coming through our Peoples Bank towns,” said John Rigler III, President and Chief Operations Officer. “We hope to be as helpful as possible and are proud that our staff members are getting involved in our communities during an important event for our state.”